Dec. 13th, 2016

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Soot, the friendly one I'm positive must have had a home at one point (though he's got the cropped ear that shows he's been TNR'd and he's slept in the cat shelter in my yard for the last two winters) now understands what "Do you want to come in?" means. At least, when I open my office window and call it down to him in the backyard, he goes running for the side door.

Tonight, hubby was in the kitchen fixing the hinge on one of the cabinets, when he heard what he thought was a knock on the door. Opened the front door (not the screen) and saw nobody standing there. Then he looked down. Two charcoal gray ears atop a hopeful fuzzy face... The cat knows how to knock!

And normally? He won't come in unless I'm alone. I open the door to tell him 'no' and he dashes past me.

And here's the kicker: I have told Soot that I'm working on hubby to let him stay here in the winter. So far, we're at "We'll see... but he has to stay in the basement." I've told Soot that, too. And, despite the fact that when I do let him in now, he prefers the upstairs (flopped in front of a heating vent), once he'd raced past hubby and me tonight, he made a beeline for the stairs.

I had to turn him out. We haven't got a litter box and I can't risk an accident. Besides, it's 1 Celsius/33 Farenheit and there's a shelter in the back. Where he has stayed in years past on far colder days. So, while I can't blame him for wanting the great indoors, I know he won't freeze out there.

The cat knows how to knock. I'm still wrapping my head around that one.


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