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Dear Belle,

Rumple will be the first person to tell you that he's a difficult man to love. Hell, he told Emma as much in those exact words, all the way back in Season 1. That being said...

Where in the Underbrooke do you get off?

Seriously. You blame Rumple for 'making you' knock Gaston into the River of Souls. Interesting rationalization. You see, Belle, you have yet to learn something that Snow figured out last season: Nobody is pure good or pure evil.

I mean... let's see, shall we? In the past you have:

  • Chosen to pursue a memory crystal rather than save Anna from Ingrid

  • Used the dagger to force your husband to follow you into danger

  • Used the dagger to exile your husband from the only home he knew, without magical or monetary resources.

And I'm sure that each time, you told yourself that you were doing the right thing. The Good thing. The heroic thing. And now?

Well, you tricked Rumple so you could get your hands on his dagger. You saved Gaston's lifeā€”so far, so good. And then, when Gaston was about to show his appreciation by killing Rumple, you saved Rumple in the only way you could think of at that moment: knocking Gaston into the river to get your husband out of the danger he was only in because of your actions.

That's not an easy thing to live with. I get that. And we've seen Snow beat herself up over killing Cora, even though Cora was seconds away from killing Rumple and becoming the next Dark One. Taking a life is a very serious thing and I don't blame you in the slightest for being upset, distraught, or horrified, from wondering whether there was another way. And Hades snatching away the one victory you thought you had on a technicality was another kick in the teeth. So far, I'm not taking you to task for feeling guilty and angry and remorseful. But... But...

You're blaming Rumple for darkening your soul. Let's face it: NOBODY pulled a dagger on you and forced you to do anything. Your actions/reactions were totally your own. Own that. Live with it. Grow up. And if your soul has been darkened, think about what you've done in the past. Now ask yourself if saving the life of the living man you love from the dead man who was about to murder him was really what did it.

(signed) One Angry Fan
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