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My longtime internet buddy and beta, Starbatz, came up from Cincinnati. She went all four days, I went three. (Sabbath observance means no Saturdays at cons for me. On the plus side, I do not love crowds. The only way that I deal is to pretty much spend my time in the panel/lecture rooms and Artist Alley, rarely venturing farther afield.)

So. Will post swag pics later. (At least, those I can't find online) My camera flash doesn't work so well, so I'm waiting for better light before I take pics.

What I did and what I bought )

Great con, can't wait till next year!
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First time as a member of the media.Getting a feel for the indie experience at the con. I think I have my article... and I think I have another article on ucreatecomics in the works(more on this later)! Used up my memory card on my camera.

Also ran into someone I interviewed for last month's issue of SP! and caught up with some old friends. Mostly hung around artists alley. Can't afford a Neal Adam commission, but his prints are more reasonable. And Agnes Garbowska is lovely.

As for panels... sat in on one on Canadian comics (no, not the upcoming JLC). Couldn't get into the DC panel.

Got some self-pubbed comics and novels I may review. And may have an editing job, possibly. But... note to folks who are taking the plunge and hawking their wares at cons: spellcheck is NOT a substitute for an editor. And if you're going to the expense of printing through Lulu, please don't rush it so it's ready to distribute. There shouldn't be typos on every page. There just shouldn't be. C'mon, you've got a decent storyline. Don't push people away with things you could have taken the time to fix!

(Full story: guy gave me copies of his two novellas and told me he was trying to drum up interest so he could pay for an editor before really trying to market them. I told him that if they weren't edited, I wouldn't review them, since it wouldn't be fair if they weren't ready. I tried reading one over the weekend and... it needs a copy editor badly. So I asked him if he had an editor lined up. He didn't. I gave him my name. Maybe something will come of it. Maybe not. But of course, now I can't review it because I'd have to say "I couldn't finish it due to all the typos," which is not something you want a potential client to read about his work in an online ezine, when written by someone hoping to work with him.)

But I had fun!
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Self Publisher Association

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for your accreditation request to Fan Expo Canada™ 2013. We are pleased to invite you to cover this exciting event on August 22-25, 2013 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Self Publisher Association has been accredited to Fan Expo Canada™ 2013 on the following days:

Thursday, August 22
Friday, August 23
Sunday, August 25

*Please note that due to space restrictions we are not able to accommodate your request for Saturday, August 24.

Here's the thing: Boss requested a pass for all 4 days, but I wouldn't be attending on Saturday anyway. Sabbath issues. So... not really calling this miraculous so much as "even if I'd wanted to go on Saturday, I couldn't."

Will be writing article on the indie experience at Fan Expo. Will also be having a great old time in artist alley! Can't wait!


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