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Thank you!

I just wanted to get that out of the way first. I'm grateful that you're doing this.

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This is my first time doing/participating in Yuletide and I'm kind of excited.
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Hi there!

Thank you so much for doing this!

I think I was pretty straightforward on the sign-up page, but here are some more details. I'm mostly a genficcer, but I'll accept fics that present pairings as a fait accomplit (I.E: In this fic, "Matt and Karen are living together..." Then Foggy shows up on the doorstep and we get to the bromance.)

More specifically, by fandom:


I'm a relatively new Daredevil fan who has been playing catch-up for the last few months. I am a huge fan of Matt-Foggy dynamic, and while I don't ship them as a couple, I love the friendship between them.

I'm a sucker for any h/c between them, regardless of who is hurt and who is comforting. It can be canon-based (example: after Milla is committed/after Foggy's own mother abandons him to the legal system), canon divergence, or original. I don't care.

And if you want to throw in additional characters, that's fine too. As long as the central focus of the fic is the friendship between Matt and Foggy and the fic is predominantly gen. I don't mind if past or existing relationships are mentioned, especially if they're the reason why one or the other is hurting.

New Mutants

I'm old-school on this one. I was into Marvel in the 80s then took about a 24-year break, not-so-coinciding with the end of the New Mutants Vol 1 comic. In my mind, Rahne will always be the shy introvert trying to reconcile her upbringing with her new life. I ship her with Doug, but if you don't care for those characters or that pairing, you can give me genfic with any or all team members.


Anything that focuses on the Spidey-JJJ dynamic portrayed in canon. I don't care if it's one of them thinking about/venting about the other, one needing a favor from the other, gloating, whining... you name it. Photographer!Peter or Teacher!Peter. Publisher!JJJ or Mayor!JJJ. Whatever works for you.

Hulk and Daredevil genfic

In Waid's Indestructible Hulk, Banner went to work for SHIELD, but arranged to check in with Matt regularly as 'insurance' against SHIELD's deciding that keeping him alive was too risky. They teamed up in Indestructible Hulk 10 and 11, too. Either that... or something where Matt finds out the situation in Hulk #1 (2014–). H/C ensues...

I do have a low-smut tolerance, though, so please, nothing too graphic!

Thanks so much!
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Hi and thank you!

I'm a lover of angst, emotional and/or physical h/c, drama, action, adventure, comedy, and missing scenes. I'm not a fan of smut or PWP, though FTBWP (Fade To Black With Plot) is great!

For Avengers Academy: I love Maddy, Julie, Pietro, and Jeanne as characters. I like the way Jeanne and Pietro connected in canon and wouldn't mind more of that.

I would have picked ALL the Bat-family members, if I weren't limited to four. Cass and Dick are my absolute favorites, but I won't say 'no' to Tim or Leslie either.

Daredevil (at least Mark Waid's run) is my newest crack. I have been having more fun with Volume 3 than any other comic series in recent memory. I've also started slowly buying back issues off of Comixology, but if you're ficcing in Volume 2, I have only just finished the Echo/Ronin arc and started #16 (involving Leapfrog's son and a blind Kingpin). Another option would be H/C in an AU of Miller's Born Again in which Foggy finds Matt after his house is blown up, when he's got $10 and a foreclosure in his pocket.

But seriously? Whatever you write (as long as it's not explicit sex) is probably going to be absolutely fine with me!

Thanks again!


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