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Words: 2565
Summary: Back to school... with all that entails.
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Chapter 29 )
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Words: 4336
Summary: Kerri takes a break from school to go shopping. And has a big decision to make.
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Chapter 27 )
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Words: 4034
Summary: Kerri's had it with being a victim. But she's not sure how to ask her parents for what she needs to stop being one.
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Chapter 24 )
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Words: 2950
Summary: Academics aren't the only stressor in high school
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Chapter 23 )
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Finally have an "Ojibwe-picker" for Hero In My Life!

I went downtown to the Port Credit Nation exhibition at Old Fort York (They're the official First Nations host for the Pan-Am games and this was part of their involvement) and talked to some people. And... I think it's going to happen.

Now for the hard part. Accepting that I probably HAVE made mistakes without meaning to and that I WILL need to change stuff. Otherwise known as "Waaaaah! It's not perfect as-is!" Please, let me recognize that when I said I was so scared I was getting stuff wrong... it's probably because I was getting stuff wrong. And I can fix it now or wait until I publish and then get called out for errors I should have caught earlier.

Okay. Okay, I can work with this. It's not like I've spent whole chapters describing religious ceremonies from the perspective of a cultural outsider and pretending they're authentic. I just want to have a character whose heritage is one of the things that informs her character and since it's not my heritage, I'm nervous. That's why I'm trying to get her right. And it's got a chance of happening now.
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Killarney Village and Killarney Provincial Park, here we come!

Camera at the ready. Clothes packed. Food packed. Ereader packed. Printout of novel, so I can jot down notes where changes need to be made... packed in bag that comes in the front seat with me!

Back on Tuesday!


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