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Title: Bearding the Lion in his Den
Summary: Lex finds an intruder in his room
Characters: Selina Kyle, Lex Luthor
Pairing: Genfic
Warnings/Triggers: None
Rating: G
Genre: Flirtation (One-sided)
Words: 599

Bearding the Lion in his Den )
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Title: Moving On
Summary: After Batman RIP, Selina finds comfort… and more.
Characters: Selina Kyle, Alfred Pennyworth
Pairing: Selina/Alfred
Warnings/Triggers: Off-panel character death
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Words: 730
Timeline: Batman RIP/The Return of Bruce Wayne

Thanks to Kathy for the beta!

Moving On )
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Title: The Last Boy Scout
Summary: An indecent proposal to a decent man.
Characters: Selina Kyle, Clark Kent
Warnings/Triggers: None.
Genre: Vignette, One-sided
Words: 412

The Last Boy Scout )
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Title: Calculations
Summary: Ra's has a new plan to get the Detective and his daughter together... and he thinks he's going to enjoy himself!
Characters: Ra's al Ghul
Warnings/Triggers: None.
Genre: Vignette, One-sided
Words: 442

Calculations )
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Title: Facing the Music
Summary: Steve Trevor wants to learn more about the members of the newly-formed JLA, but his meeting with Selina Kyle may not go according to plan...
Characters: Steve Trevor, Selina Kyle
Warnings/Triggers: None.
Genre: Vignette, Friendship, Friendly date
Words: 564

Facing the Music )
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Title: Deserved Desserts
Summary: A distasteful duty becomes something infinitely more pleasurable.
Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle
Warnings/Triggers: None.
Genre: Vignette, Friendship, Friendly date
Words: 576

Deserved Desserts )
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Title: Sympathetic Eyes
Summary: Selina has a rooftop encounter with a new vigilante in an old costume.
Characters: Jason Todd, Selina Kyle
Warnings/Triggers: None.
Genre: Vignette, light flirtation
Words: 343

Sympathetic Eyes )
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Rating: PG
Words: 529
Warnings: None
Summary: Did Catwoman steal the carving... or did Batman plant the evidence? It's up to Harvey Bullock to find the truth!

Narcisse Noir )
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So, over at Bludhaven, fic tournament is going on. Basically, we've got 16 eligible men in the DCU vying for Selina Kyle's hand. (There were some women as well, but they didn't make the cut in the poll.)

Now the way the tournament works is that each week (at least in Round One) two pairs of candidates face off against each other. Participants write fic involving a relationship between Selina and the candidate in question. Romance isn't essential. Buddyfic is fine, as is one character fantasizing about the other, waxing maudlin over what could have been, writing in their diary, etc. Each fic earns one point for the contender and the one with the most ficlets advances to Round 2.

So far, Bruce has beaten Bullock 7-2
Lex has beaten Catman 4-3

Tonight at one minute after midnight, Ollie faces off against Alfred and Roy against Jason Todd (Specifying a last name because Jason Blood is involved too.)

Now because these fics were written mostly to advance a candidate and the scoring is quantity, not quality-based... I wouldn't say I intentionally wrote badfic. I will say that in my rush to get the fics done by deadline, the quality has probably suffered. So... read at your own risk ;)


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