Sep. 27th, 2016

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No real excuses beyond just not feeling like posting. I've felt like writing fic. And listening to music. And playing Cinderella Story on Facebook. And watch a feral cat grow into a cuddle-muffin around me (I strongly suspect he had people at some point and ended up on the street afterwards. He's got one docked ear—sign of being trapped-neutered-and-released in the past, so I know he's not a housecat that gets to go outside. And let anyone else come into the yard and he'll bolt.)

But I'm on day 2 of antibiotics for cellulitus and Yuletide is coming. The neighbor just came to put up our sukkah today, and I'm dusting off the journal.
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It's occurred to me that certain Mary Chapin Carpenter songs seem to evoke bits of OUAT episodes and I would LOVE to learn how to do something with that. I don't know if I need any special software, if I can do it through YouTube, and especially, how to use just the visual from the video and sync it with the audio. I've got a lot of the music, both in my own files and on a YouTube playlist. As for the OUAT material, I watch it on Netflix; I don't own any DVDs. If I'm really lucky, the parts I'd want to use are already on YouTube in clips, if not episodes.

For example... )


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