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Title: Before the Awakening
Author: [personal profile] dragonbat2006
Fandom: The Dark is Rising
Characters: Will Stanton, Bran Davies, Jane Drew, Original Characters
Pairings: Bran Davies/Jane Drew
Rating: K+
Genre(s): General, Drama, Friendship, Future Fic
Spoilers: All five books
Warnings: Minor character death
Word Count: 4690
Story Summary: A chance announcement in a Welsh Daily tells Will that a new danger is imminent. Reconnecting with friends he hasn't seen in decades is the first step toward engaging it.
Written for: Aishuu for Yuletide 2015


Thanks to Xenith and Kathy for the beta!

A/N: The Bucks County Museum in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire is quite real, though according to their website, there is no Keeper of Medieval Collections. I’ve taken the liberty of inventing that post for Will, so as not to ‘depose’ the real-life existing Keeper of Archeology Collections. And while, according to Wikipedia, in the UK, the terms ‘curator’ and ‘keeper’ may be used interchangeably in a museum setting, Bucks does use the ‘keeper’ designation.

Timeline: I’m using the publication year of Over Sea, Under Stone as “Ground Zero”. The Grail is found in 1965; Will celebrates his eleventh birthday that December—making him 60 for most of 2015; Will and the Drews meet in Trewissick during the Easter holidays of 1966; Will meets Bran in Wales that fall; and the final battle between the Light and the Dark takes place in the summer of 1967. I’ll admit that making it plausible for Bran and Jane to have a grandson who was the ‘seventh son of a seventh son’ was a factor in going with the earlier dating.

Before the Awakening )


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