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Just spent two days in Canada's Wilderness. Okay, 2 days in a village on Georgian Bay, more one hour away by road from anything resembling another community. In some ways, it reminds me of going with my parents when I was younger to spend a week in Maine (Ogunquit/Wells Beach area). Much more laid back, a lot of clapboard houses, cottage country... water...

Except that in Maine, it's a bunch of small towns close by each other. Very touristy, very commercial. Killarney does rely heavily on tourism, but the tourists they get are generally campers, hikers, and boaters. It's stuff like... realizing that the general store/convenience store is the only grocery store in town. Souvenirs available in the local hotel/motel gift shops and the Provincial Park office. Asking what other towns are in the area and being told that the next one is about an hour and 20 minutes away on the highway (there is a spur off of the main highway that leads pretty much to the Provincial Park, the Village... and nowhere else. Not sure if that's true for the other areas, though I suspect that if one has a boat, it's a lot faster just going via Georgian Bay. Weather permitting).

But you know something? It was a glorious two days in the wilderness! Where else can you get views like this?
videos and pics under cut! )
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Killarney Village and Killarney Provincial Park, here we come!

Camera at the ready. Clothes packed. Food packed. Ereader packed. Printout of novel, so I can jot down notes where changes need to be made... packed in bag that comes in the front seat with me!

Back on Tuesday!


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